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Year-Round Access to Local Foods

The O'Hara Commons believes that one of the most effective ways to strengthen local food systems is through developing food-based programs and partnerships. 

We offer year-round access to local foods (a mid-week farmers market during the summer months and a food hub during the remainder of the year).

Wednesday Farmers Market
June - September

Come visit us during the fine summer months! We host over 10 vendors and have live music, food, and plenty of shade under the canopy of trees on our grounds.


June - September


4 pm - 6 pm

At O'Hara: 111 South 4th Street Hamilton, MT


O'Hara Local Food Market (online)
October - May

O'Hara was able to develop this online food hub with much support and dedication of over 65 local food growers, producers, volunteers, and local food enthusiasts! This market is a full 'grocery store' experience of local food and value-added products. It is all about community and creating a reliable revenue stream for local agriculture during non-traditional months for Farmers Markets. 

'Open':  Sundays, 10 am through Wednesday 5 am.

Pick up: Thursday 3 pm - 5:30 pm,  or Friday 11 am - noon.

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