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The Story: Winter Access to Local Foods

Last Winter, O'Hara Commons entered a conversation with our wonderful partners at Rocky Mountain Grange. We envisioned Ravalli County's first Winter Farmers Market at the Grange. Covid-19 set in and we decided that our Winter Farmers Market would best be tabled.

Meanwhile, O'Hara was granted funds through the CARES Act. Living up to these new times, O'Hara 'pivoted'. With the support of many partners, O'Hara has been able to develop the Online Local Foods Market. We would like to thank: Rocky Mountain Grange, Ravalli County Economic Development Authority, Bitterroot, Montana Department of Agriculture, Community Food & Agriculture, Hamilton Downtown Association’s Hamilton Business Relief Fund and private donors

The Online Local Foods Market will serve community, consumers & local food producers through making local foods more accessible. This accessibility will build local economy, promote healthy food options, develop regional self-sufficiency and preserve agricultural traditions.

We all hope that you are interested in the Local Foods Market.

Thank you, for supporting local foods and the phenomenal producers who feed us.

HERE is how it works.:

Visit our site.

You can REGISTER as a buyer on the storefront

SHOPPING opens: Monday 6 AM - Wednesday 6 AM (super good, nutritious, local foods are at your fingertips)

CURBSIDE PICKUP: Thursdays, 3 - 5 PM.

Questions? Please send a note to us here.

This is a new platform for us and while we learn, the process will be improved with your input. Thank you!!

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