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Spring Fever.

As the days grow longer and warmer we seem to find ourselves with extra energy. Especially kids. Especially kids who are homebound.

We found this great video that demonstrates how to make a jump rope out of t shirts.

Now for some jump rope activities:

1. Put the rope under you and just swing it from behind to in front and vice versa. Jump over it each time. Do not lift the rope off the ground.

2. Try jumping with both feet as you swing the rope from forward to behind your back.

3. Try one legged jumping. Switch legs. Make this a contest. 2 jumps per leg, 3 jumps per leg, 5 or 10 jumps per leg.

4. Go backwards. Try crossing your arms. Even harder, try crossing your legs

5. Wheel Game: One person swings the rope on the ground in a circle, each person jumps over the rope as it comes around.

6. Make up jump rope rhymes and songs. Make up games. Jumping rope is fun and builds great endurance. If you have several children and they each have made their own ropes then you can have healthy jump-off competitions.

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