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Sourdough Naan

7 ingredients + 1 Cast Iron Skillet

1 c of sourdough starter

1/2 c of warm milk

1/4 c of yogurt (substitute: sour cream)

1 t baking powder

2 c all purpose flour

pinch of salt

2 T melted butter

In large bowl, mix starter, milk and yogurt until smoothly blended.

Add baking powder and flour, mix until you have what looks like a shaggy ball.

Cover with moist kitchen cloth. Allow to sit for a few hours, in a warm location.

Roll out on to a lightly floured surface, knead until smooth. Divide into 8 sections.

Heat skillet, medium high.

Using rolling pin, roll out each section to about 1/4" thick (work in batches depending on how many will fit in your skillet). Brush one side with butter, place face down in skillet. About 2 minutes or until the top side shows bubbles. Brush with butter. Flip. Cook another several minutes until done to preference (we like ours a bit charred).

Remove to plate, until batch is done. We have found that these reheat nicely in a toaster, but be careful because the butter can be a source of burning.

Delicious served with a creamy feta dip: equal parts Lifeline Feta and yogurt of choice, add half as much olive oil and milk. Stir well with long tined fork. Squeeze in some lemon juice and add minced radishes or a finely chopped mix of herbs. Top with grilled eggplant, or fresh cherry tomatoes.

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