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Seed Starters Reference

Years ago there was a wonderful seed company in Ravalli County, Garden City Seeds. They annually published a seed catalog and it was chock full of seed starting information relevant to our region.

Once I had a 'vertical' collection of these catalogs, many years worth. Over the years I have given them away to new gardeners. I grew nervous as my collection dwindled to three copies. The solution? I took a copy to our local office supply store (The Paper Clip) and they converted it into a pdf. This is shared here.

As you page through the catalog you will see it is organized by crop. including seed starting, sowing, cultivating and seed saving information.

We hope that you use this information well and maybe you will have enough success to donate locally grown seed to O'Hara Commons Seed Library!

Thanks to all of the wonderful people behind this publication, including John Schneeberger, Karen Coombs, Kerry MacLane, Sue Wall, Luci Brieger, Jim Sugarek, Rod Daniel, John Navazio, Cris Linden and all the people behind many years worth of seed selection and trial farming.

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