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Pie Fundraiser

This is one of our favorite events. This year posed some challenges, but we have decided to have our Autumn Harvest Open House. We are following the Covid-19 best practices that we implemented for our Wednesday Afternoon Farmers Market: social distancing, masks recommended, limited people on the lawn and plenty of hand sanitation stations. All of the things that we can do to make sure that all of our visitors feel safe and comfortable.

Oh, but you are here to learn about the pies. And we have a wide variety of pies that have been baked by present and past Board members, volunteers and staff. Fruit pies (pear, apple, plum), Savory pies (meat and vegetarian), Gluten free pies (and assorted baked goods), humble pies and works of art. All made with love and as many local ingredients that we could find.

Come on down, pick up a pie. Learn about the benefits of membership. If you are in the position to support O'Hara and our work with a larger donation, ask about Lifetime Membership opportunities. Our cider presses will be operating and we will be giving you a jar of cider (and some apples too if you should like) as a THANK YOU.

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