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O'Hara Commons Seed Library

The O'Hara Commons Seed Library was founded with recognition that saving seeds is the foundation of a durable and resilient locally based food system.

Community members are encouraged to participate in the library by 'borrowing' the seeds of open-pollinated vegetables, flowers and herbs. We will provide you with support through the growing season. You will reap the benefit of the harvest, with the added intention of returning seed to the repository.

Due to COVID-19, we will be mailing seed requests. We are asking that you make a donation to O'Hara Commons to cover the cost of shipping and packaging. Your seed request will be shipped upon receipt of your donation.

Recommended: $5 for 1-5 packets, $.50 per additional packet

How to place your order:

1. Send an email, include your seed order in the message line

2. We will confirm your seed request and send a link to our donation page

3. Upon receiving your donation, we will send your seed request via USPS

Following is a list of available seed, it is a free resource. Each household will be restricted to one packet of each variety, while supplies last. This way we ensure that the seed will go as far as possible. We are not limiting the number of varieties (ie, you can request 20 types of seeds, but will receive one packet of each).

Vegetables and Herbs:

With every seed request, we will include flower seed. We have to feed the pollinators too!

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