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Needed: Seed Savers

The O'Hara Commons houses a seed library. Our seed inventory typically has about 75 varieties of locally grown, open pollinated seed. Mostly vegetables, but herbs and flowers are included.

During this year there has been a run on seeds. With a greater number of people deciding to garden, seed houses have run out of seed and many have had to halt business due to the volume of orders they were receiving. O'Hara Commons has been able to step in and share seeds with our community. Because of this, our seed library reserves are very low and we want volunteers to grow out seed to restock our library.

Whether you are a new gardener interested in learning how to save seed, or an experienced grower able to take on the task of difficult varieties, we need you!

Seed growers will be categorized into three groups: Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced. Send our volunteer coordinator, Renee Snyder, a note. Let us know a little about your interest, experience and how much space you can dedicate to growing for the seed library. We will get back to you with a plan and seeds! And do not be afraid, we will have seed saving mentors available for you through out the season!

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