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Mid Spring

This is seriously the most exciting time of the year in the garden. There is so much to do, and many of us have the time to dig in.

One gardening aid that I have used for years is Pea and Bean Inoculant.

Inoculant is a soil amendment to use at the point of time that you direct seed your peas and beans (including all edible peas, sweet peas, fava beans and the warm season beans that we will be planting when the soils are warmer).

Peas and beans are legumes. They naturally 'fix' their own nitrogen with the aid of Rhizobia bacteria that is naturally occurring in soils. Inoculant is a product that contains Rhizobia bacteria, it is used to boost the bacteria in the soil at the root level of the plants that benefit from its presence.

Inoculant boosts plant vigor and overall yield. We have ordered in a case of granular inoculant. It is easy to apply, prep your planting furrow, sprinkle inoculant in furrow, place your seeds atop and cover.

One bag is enough to treat a 40 foot row. It cost is $4. + shipping. It has a shelf life of one season, but one bag is usually enough for the backyard gardener to treat peas and beans.

If you need inoculant then contact us: Here.

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