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Local Agriculture: They need us. We need them.

We are less than two months away from our last frost. There are crops to be sowed outdoors, seeding to do indoors under lights and transplanting of previously seeded starts. For those of us who have home gardens, the season is at a crux.

Not many of us can truly supply our food needs year round. Even the most dedicated gardener relies upon our greenhouses and nurseries for plant stock and our local growers for the vast majority of our annual food. It is a good time to remember that these growers and nurseries started planning their season before CORVID-19 was a reality. They had already invested money and continue to invest time into growing for us, for their community.

O'Hara Commons has been reaching out to growers and nurseries to ask about their strategies for this season. Uniformly, they are fully dedicated to supplying our needs. And, they are recognized by the CDC to be 'essential' businesses.

Please, contact your favorite growers and nurseries. Ask about CSA programs, farm store hours and know that you can purchase seed potato, cane fruits and fruit trees from your usual sources. Don't forget to plant perennial and annual flowers for the pollinators! And vegetable starts! Our growers support us in our own growing efforts.

All of these businesses have a strategy to deal with the situation. They are ready to accommodate us in the safest manner, whether it be 'curbside' service or delivery.

They have already poured their financial and human capacity resources into this season, to serve the community. We are their only guarantee.

Don your gloves, your mask and make your trip as efficient and quick as possible. But, please, do support our local agriculture industry.

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