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Lifetime Membership Drive

O'Hara Commons offers a membership program. Community members can join the organization at any level that they can give.

Benefits are equal at all levels and O'Hara Commons offers scholarship memberships to any individual or family in the community who may not otherwise be able to participate. Food is a common ground; inclusivity is important.

Some are able to support O'Hara at a higher level. We have decided to give a special 'thank you' to the individual's who are able to support at the Lifetime Membership Level.

You are supporting O'Hara in our mission and allowing us to ensure that all members in our community have access to vital food system, education programs and resource sharing libraries.

O'Hara reached out to our artistic community. These artists, people from around the region and beyond, have created beautiful pieces of art. Art that represents our mission and our work. In supporting O'Hara, these artists have made the incredible donation of their work for us to give in gratitude of your support.

At our event, Harvest Open House, on October 10th at 1 PM, you are welcome to visit the Lifetime Membership table. There will be a display of the art. Upon joining the O'Hara Commons at the level of a Lifetime Member, you are invited to select a piece of art that has been donated to us. From artists who are thanking you.

It does not end there! O'Hara is planning a Local Foods Dinner to thank our Lifetime Members. This dinner will be held in Summer, 2021. The Board, along with a group of long time supporters, will indulge you with a feast, of local foods. This event will be one of gratitude, community and conversation about how we, collectively, can continue to strengthen our local food system and regional self-sufficiency.

In advance, thank you for considering to join at a level of membership that empowers O'Hara Commons to continue fulfilling our mission. We look forward to celebrating both new and existing Lifetime Members and the service to our community that is driven by your contribution.

p.s. don't forget to pick up a pie. they are made with love and delicious!

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