Kids in the Kitchen

We are delighted to have made a new acquaintance, Shannon Doleac.

Recently relocated to the Bitterroot Valley, Shannon quickly found O'Hara Commons. We have had opportunity to converse about local foods, regenerative agriculture, food education and a shared love of spending time in the kitchen with kids.

Shannon has published a book on the topic and we are happy to be able to offer it on our Local Foods Market storefront.

Welcome Shannon! We are looking forward to collaborating on some of our common interests!

More on Kids in the Kitchen:

Modern life is always busy! Between eight-hour workdays, lengthy commutes, chores, and more -- to say nothing of exercise and hobbies -- we’re not always left with a whole lot of time. Cooking and meal prep easily get lost in the shuffle. Who has time for that? We find ourselves turning to the fastest options to get ourselves and our families fed. Unfortunately, we often sacrifice health in the process. Prepackaged meals and snacks, fast food, and other convenience items are full of preservatives, not to mention too many simple carbohydrates, processed oils, and empty calories. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way!

Getting your kids involved in the kitchen is a great way to start teaching them vital skills, setting them up for a lifetime of better health and nutrition. Kids in the Kitchen is a deluxe cookbook packed with advice, recipes, and more, so you and your kids can create healthy meals together.

This book is designed to seamlessly integrate the science and theory of human nutrition AND practical, hands-on cooking skills -- two important areas of culinary knowledge -- in a way that’s engaging and fun for kids and adults alike.

Kids in the Kitchen includes six chapters of insightful and actionable steps to get your kids involved in healthy eating and cooking. It features 28 mix and match recipe sets, with 84 total meals to bring to the table.

All of the recipes include age-appropriate ways that your kids can help, from food prep to cleanup.

Each recipe features a general formula, with three different variations to switch up ingredients and flavors. This mix and match design is creative and instructional -- how different textures, flavors, and foods come together to craft different experiences. Experimenting with food is an important part of cooking. So is having a good understanding of how to combine real ingredients, both for flavor and for nutrition. Kids in the Kitchen gives you the organized framework you need to help give your kids the knowledge and skills they need to stay healthy for a lifetime.

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