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Food Preservation: Start with safety!

Harvest time has begun. O'Hara Commons has begun to share food preservation recipes. We want you to be safe. Our recipes are nuts and bolts, all tested and meet safety standards. Rather than including canning directions or specific safety notes with each of our recipes, we are making available guides from Montana State University on all types of food preservation.

You will be able to link from our recipes to the pertinent guide (canning, jams & jellies, pickling, freezing fruit and vegetables and drying fruit and vegetables). The resources are printable, or you can save to your desktop if you plan on frequent referencing.

Happy Canning! It may be hot right now and you might wonder why you are committing to a hot kitchen and putting up the harvest. Trust us, when you are eating crisp pickles in the dead of winter or spreading brilliant strawberry jam on your sourdough toast, you will not have one memory of the summer's discomfort!

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