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Creative Spark: Building a Compost Bin

Compost is better known as 'Black Gold'. Your kitchen and yard waste can become the best and least expensive soil amendment for your garden. There are many ways to make compost: pallet bin, wire rings, nothing, dig a pit or purchase a tumbler. Composting can be very easy, if you do not allow yourself to be bogged down with the 'science' of compost.

This week we have two references to share with you.

1. A video, this is for those of you who are getting ready to start a compost pile, garden scale.

Thanks Pure Living for Life!

2. A link to a website with kid-friendly compost projects, great as science experiments. Thanks to 'Gardening Know How"!

Of course, if you develop questions then shoot them our way! We have some books that you can borrow, maybe some extra worms if you build an indoor bin and years & years of experience growing our own compost.

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