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Creating a Sourdough Tradition

If you have attended any of our fundraising events then you know that we always like to give you a thank you gift for your support. During the past 5 years that gift has oftentimes been a jar of sourdough starter, and some of our favorite recipes. According to our records we have shared away somewhere around 200 jars of starter with community members.

It has come to our attention that bakers yeast has become another one of the items in our food supply that has been difficult to find. Why? Here is a fun read: Food52

In accordance with Montana's directive to shelter in place, we cannot share our starter with you at this point in time. While old sourdough starters can have a more developed flavor than a young starter, an older starter is not necessary. You can start your own and here are two recipes:

2. All Purpose flour and filtered water (includes a great video)

Fresh flour is important. We have always had great luck at Rainbow's End bulk bin flours. They are restocked often!

Filtered water is also important. Chlorine in city water can inhibit the natural bacterial activity that brings life to your starter.

Have fun and enjoy your breads even if you cannot find baker's yeast.

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