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Create A Sourdough Tradition

Over the years O'Hara has been sharing sourdough recipes. We have compiled a lot of really delicious ways to use starter, including simple pancakes, dumplings, crackers and more. Most recently, O'Hara Commons has added sourdough starter to our Local Foods Market online storefront (shop online Sundays-Wednesday morning).

Here are some of our tried and true favorite ways to use starter:

Sourdough Pancakes (fun to make with kids)

Alaskan Sourdough Dumplings (a delicious & quick topper for any stew)

Sourdough Shallot Fritters (great with any onion)

Sourdough Cornbread (variations: mix in caramelized onions, sautéed peppers, roasted corn kernels)

Sourdough Crackers (unlimited variations: nuts, seeds, cheese, herbs, etc)

Soudough Naan (this bread is flat yet spongy and chewy)


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