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Community Gardens: Health, Food, Hope

The United States has a long tradition of turning to gardens during times of strife. For the past few weeks, many of us have been in high gear trying to prepare for vibrant vegetable gardens. Seed companies have sold out of seeds and it is increasingly difficult to find gardening supplies. People are focused on growing a garden.

In our region we are fortunate. We have a strong network of local produce growers, there are roadside vegetable stands, Community Support Agriculture programs and an array of Farmers Markets preparing to open for the 2020 season. We have many nurseries to supply us with starts and plants. The Montana organization, AERO, created a fantastic interactive map to help you find your closest growers. Check out the Abundant Montana Directory.

Many of us have arable soil to grow a vegetable garden or space enough for a raised bed to complement what we are able to purchase from our local growers. For those of us without ground upon which to grow, There are our Community Gardens. Contact Warren Neyenhuis for information on the Hamilton Community Garden. In Victor, the contact is Jill Davies (406 360 1751).

My mind keeps going back to the tradition of community gardens and the health and economic benefits of growing at least some food for ourselves and growing a row for our food banks. In 'Watch' this week, we are featuring a short video: Community Garden Storytelling Project.

Additionally, I found a delightful 'Read': Grown from the Past, a Short History of Community Gardening in the United States. This a a little journey from the practice of vacant lot gardening to Victory Gardens and more.

Food for thought! Enjoy.

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