Bitterroot Phenological Society

Bitterroot Phenological Walks are an opportunity for the community to get better acquainted with the rhythms of the natural world as witnessed and documented in Skalkaho Bend River Park and other locations in the Bitterroot Valley/Mountains.

Guided by community naturalists, participants will come to learn about the plants and wildlife that inhabit the area, the natural rhythms of the seasons and as well as the rhythms of us humans through the seasons. We will document the comings and goings of birds and wildlife, the blooming or budding of plants and the signs of change through the seasons. We hope that members and participants will develop a deeper sense of place, become better acquainted with the plants and wildlife of our community, build their observation skills, learn about plant and wildlife identification, explore journaling, assist with citizen science projects and better understanding how humans from the past and present interact with the natural world.

Our first walk is scheduled for:

Saturday Morning, March 20.

Final details will be sent upon confirmation of registration.

While open to all and free, we have decided to keep attendance to a limited number. Please know that we will be following CDC Covid protocol (masks and social distancing).


Any questions can be sent to this email address as well.

You can join our Facebook group: Bitterroot Phenological Group

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