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Autumn Membership Drive & 3rd Quarter Report to the Community.

During the past 5 years, O'Hara has continued to grow and develop membership benefits.

• Garden Tool Share

• Food Preservation Equipment Library

• Truck Share

• Garden Seed Library

discounts, resource libraries, access to meeting spaces (inside and out)+++

Your membership is more than access to benefits. Your membership allowed us to fulfill our mission. During the Covid-19 pandemic, O'Hara postponed many of education programs yet implemented many innovative programs that allowed us to continue serving our community. We have been busier than ever although some of our work looked different:

• 'Hands at Home': This weekly online blog focused on gardening, healthy food preparation, creative projects for children (in and out of doors). We had a loyal readership, over 3,000 people during the months of isolation.

• Raising Resiliency: Board members financed and provided much of the labor to install 9 garden beds to community members who needed help and guidance growing their own food.

• O'Hara opened our seed library to all community members during the pandemic. Many seed companies ran out of inventory and could not manage the huge demand as the nation shifted toward growing 'Victory Gardens'. O'Hara was able to distribute thousands of seeds to hundreds of households in our community.

• Wednesday Farmers Market was able to run at full capacity this year, with Covid protocols in place, our attendance grew by 30% during our fourth season.

• The Gleaning Program continued to grow. Local farms and property owners accessed our service of gathering food that might have gone to waste and redistributing to organizations that feed people and households throughout the valley.

As we transition to autumn and look forward to how we will continue serving our community, O'Hara has a couple of fantastic announcements coming up. Our first new program: we will be opening an 'Online Local Foods Market' very soon (during the month of November). This resource will be available to all community members and local food producers. It is our effort to continue to make local food easily accessible to local people; preserving and building our small-scale food systems.

Keep an eye out for announcements!

O'Hara Commons has been able to continue providing and developing these community services because of you. Your membership, your donations and your support. Thank you for adding vitality to our work and community.

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