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A Weekly Community Event

We are delighted to share significant changes to O'Hara Common's

Inspired by you, with recent events and the general feeling of lost time and missed opportunities, we have decided to dress up our little market with the trappings that will invite you to stay and visit, have a family dinner on the grounds and enjoy a weekly community meet-up.

What's New?

We are adding to the afternoon:

• Live Music.

• Seating. Take a moment to enjoy the music, the view, let the kid's free range.

• Family-friendly beverage station, including service ware for those of you who want to enjoy the music, company & a meal.

• A weekly children's activity, self-service and different every week.

• Cherry Street Cafe will be joining us this season, offering ready meals (to-go or to stay). The menu will rotate and will accommodate many dietary styles.

• A non-profit booth. Bitterroot Audubon will be with us every other week. Contact us here if you would like to discuss your organization's attendance.

What's the Same?

The Wednesday Market will open June 1st and run through the last Wednesday in September; 4 - 6 pm. Each week we will be joined by 8 local food producers & growers.

The online Local Foods Market remains open year round. If you cannot join the Wednesday Market then you can order from our fully stocked local foods storefront. But, we are offering a new personal shopper service. If you are placing an online order (pick up is on Thursday) and do not see a specific item that you would like, then you can ask us to shop the Wednesday Market for that item (an eggplant, some tomatoes or an Odd Fellows' Bear Claw). There will be a fee for this service for the personal shopper's time. We will add your shopping list's cost to your online order, you will pick up on your usual Thursday, all just one transaction. Easier than it sounds, we hope!

2022 Vendors

Aspen Grove FarmsBee Happy Honey FarmBlue Coyote Farm

Cherry St. Cafe • Ellen & Ian • Eternal Bloom House of Ferments

Odd Fellows Bakery • Sweet Belly Farm & Verdure Pastures

plus occasional visiting vendors like Peace Gardens, Kangaroo House Gardens, Two Poppies Apothecary and more

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