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A Virtual Fundraiser: Extra Ordinary Pie Auction.

This is a first for us!

We have 10 Extra Ordinary Pies available. Baked with love and exceptional ingredients. These pies will be packaged in a handmade wooden pie box, lined with vintage linens. Check out the auction here and enjoy the detailed description of all 10 our our Extra Ordinary Pies, that we designed for you with the hopes of some extra fundraising potential!

out HERE

The auction begins on Tuesday, October 6th and will end Friday, October 9th as late as possible. Winners will be notified and can pick up their pies at 2:30 pm on Saturday, October 10th (curbside delivery is provided).

Note: We are utilizing "Charity Auctions Today" for our auction. If you follow the link then you will need to set up an account to bid on the Extra Ordinary Pie Auction.

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