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Meet Amy & Renee

O'Hara Commons is happy to be able to utilize volunteers of the Montana Master Gardener's program. We have two volunteers joining us at our upcoming Annual Garden Planning Clinic. Amy Darling is Level II, and Renee Snyder is Level III. What does this mean? They bring to the table an enormous amount of knowledge and experience gardening in Montana. Read a little more:

Amy Darling:

Amy is a native-plant-lover hailing originally from Billings, MT. She recently became a "Bitterrooter" (via Missoula) and has high hopes for experimenting with xeric-scapes, ornamental flowers, and all kinds of food-growing on the 30 acres she and her fiancé now inhabit (albeit, one 10x10' plot at a time). A fledgling Master Gardener (Level II), Amy has also cultivated her plant love through working with Montana Conservation Corps, Blackfoot Native Plants, and the Western Agricultural Research Center. She is super excited to contribute whatever she can to the wonderful community of gardeners in the Bitterroot!

Renee Snyder:

Renee is a long-time and still-learning gardener of 25 years. Most of her gardening has been in the short, dry, cool season environments of the Intermountain West and Great Basin. She’s been living in the Bitterroot for 5 years now, is a Level 3 Montana Master Gardener (and again, still learning), and thrilled by the “mild climate” and “longer” frost free season of the Bitterroot Valley. At home she has 1/2 acre fenced for berries, fruit trees, and vegetables, with ornamental perennials and annuals thrown in for the pollinators. She’ll be the first to admit what she doesn’t know but is a real bulldog when it comes to getting answers for you.

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