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Grow a Seed Saving Garden

Three Simple Steps to a Successful Seed Saving Garden

Saturday, June 1st. 10 AM - 11:30 AM. At O'Hara Commons

Seeds in Hand

An engaging, interactive workshop on saving seeds, designed with both the novice and seasoned gardener in mind. Come learn how to get started, be successful, and why saving seeds is a gift to you, your family and your community!

O'Hara is lucky enough to have Robin Kelson joining us. She is the owner of the Good Seed Company, an heirloom seed company based in Whitefish, MT and is dedicated to re-establishing the community practice of selecting, saving and sharing seeds for common use.

An avid gardener, biochemist and attorney, Robin has a deep curiosity in human vitality and resiliency, and exploring patterns in nature. She believes quality seeds are central to human and community resiliency.

Non Members $10

Members: $ 5

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