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The Bitterroot to Bannack

“whereas a diary or personal journal records your feelings toward yourself and others, a nature journal primarily records your responses to and reflections about the world of nature around you.”

Clare Leslie Walker

"diurnal, nocturnal, shorebirds, waders, spinners, predators, prey, seed eaters, nectar specialists and a bunch of mammals in between. The diversity of life is most remarkable." Samantha O'Byrne on the loveliness of the Big Hole, Montana

Sunday, May 26th

This day will be exceptionally special.

We are filling a few vehicles and taking a full day to explore the flora and fauna between the Bitterroot Valley and Bannack State Park.

This trip is epic, and not for the faint of heart. The trip will begin at 6 AM and end (about) twelve hours later.

You will be guided upon this journey by two avid birdwatchers (Hannah Fast and Samantha O'Byrne) and two Master Naturalists (Annie Bernauer and Jalalieh Morrow). This trip will be a lot of driving with many stops on a route that predictably produces over 90 species of birds. Additionally, we will stop have two longer stops upon which you can join the birders for a walk or the naturalists for a nature journal session.

This trip is limited in capacity, register today. It is free. We will share the fuel costs. Each attendee will provide their own food, water, art supplies, and birding equipment. Your 'guides' will provide extra equipment and our own curious twists on observing nature.

Register, or inquiries: INFO

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