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A Garlic Compendium

This is an exceptional opportunity for both new and seasoned garlic growers. Leon Stangl, of Yourganic Farm, will offer a comprehensive talk for those interested in the most successful garlic growing practices for our region.


Garlic types: hard necked or soft necked and recommended varieties.

Soil: types, preparation and conditions. This will include a demonstration on assessing your soil.

Fall planting: Planting, watering, mulch, etc

Spring/Summer Care: Soil moisture (vital at seed development), mulch management and appropriate foliar feeds/nutrition.

More: Scape clipping, harvesting, bundling, grooming, storage and seed selection for replanting.

A compendium!

From start to finish to the next beginning. Leon is one of the valley’s most experienced growers and this is a remarkable opportunity. An added benefit of this talk is that you will have the opportunity to purchase seed garlic for the upcoming planting season.

Saturday, September 29th. 2 pm – 4 pm.

Non-Members: $25

Members: $20.

Limited space. Reserve HERE

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