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Seed Saving: Onions with John Schneeberger

Saturday, April 29th. 11 AM. At The O'Hara Commons

111 South Fourth Street, Hamilton. Open to all.

Bowl of Onions

We will have guest speaker, John Schneeberger joining us. John, former owner of Garden City Seeds and experienced seed grower, is coming out of seed retirement to help us build The O'Hara Commons Seed Library inventory. While we have 60+ varieties of seed in our library, we do not have an onion seed grower.

There is an art to seed saving. One must address variety, life cycle, separation distances, population size, selection and other factors. Onions are a biennial, which adds a twist to successful seed saving. John will guide us through the process and we hope to have one or two attendees decide to take up growing onions for seed.

If you do agree to take on this project and grow onions to stock the O'Hara Commons Seed Library then we will have New York Early onion starts available for you to get started.

This talk is open to all. Suggested Donation: $10. More information: Here

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