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Earth Day Activities for All

Earth Day

Saturday, April 22nd | 11 a-1 p

At O'Hara Commons we tend to have a lot of programs on gardening, seeds, eating & preparing

food, tools to make the process easier and even tools to share to make growing your own food less expensive. We are also very interested in conserving resources, using what is available and reducing our waste. This is why we are excited for Earth Day. We will have four booths with fun and educational activities to fulfill our mission. Booth #1: Dryer Balls. We will show you how to use old sweaters and scratchy yarns to make reusable dryer balls. Booth #2: Bird Feeders. This is a fun activity for kids. Toilet paper rolls, peanut butter and birdseed. Booth #3: Beeswax Food Wrap. Using muslin or old fabric, beeswax and a bit of heat and you are one step closer to eliminating saran wrap from your life! Booth #4: Pollinator Balls. Let us not forget to create habitat for our pollinators on Earth Day. We will be playing from 11 a until 1 p. This is a drop in event, so come for the entire two hours or stop by to learn the one or two things that catch your fancy.

Email us if you have questions: Earth Day Activities

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