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Becky Lovejoy | Paleo & Gluten Free Living

February 3rd, Friday. Noon

Lunch Time Learning | Paleo & Gluten-Free Living

Lunch Time Learning is happy to have Becky Lovejoy join us to lead a discussion:

What’s For Dinner? Paleo & Gluten Lifestyles Unveiled

More people have trouble digesting grains, and two popular approaches are worth a look. A gluten-free lifestyle avoids common grains that contain gluten, and the Paleo lifestyle goes a step further to avoid all grains and include a lifestyle of simplicity, natural exercise, and the appreciation of close friendships. Learn the basics, ask questions, and share information, because what we eat has a profound effect on how we feel.

This talk is open to the public. Join us at Noon. The O'Hara Commons, 111 South 4th Street, Hamilton, MT

Questions? Email:

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