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Benefit of Membership: Plastic Recycling

Plastics: 1 - 7

Recycling is a vital element of sustainability. Most of us are familiar with the three ‘R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

While we have great recycling services for many categories, recycling plastic has become increasingly difficult in our area. So we are introducing a benefit of membership: Plastic Recycling.

You will need to clean and sort your plastics. At this point in time we have a recycling center that will accept plastics 1 through 7.

But, that is not the end of the story. Plastics are the most important disposable item in our everyday lives that ought to be eliminated. They are mostly petroleum based, require petroleum to recycle, and they are not readily biodegradable. This Plastic Recycling Project is an opportunity for education. Each time you drop off your plastic we will provide you with creative ideas to minimize, and alternatives to, the plastics in your life.

We will sunset this program in October 2019. The goal is to minimize the plastic in our life and the need for recycling of this pervasive product. Inquiries and details:

Thank you to Andreas Herrmann for the donation of a truck. This gives us the capacity to haul plastics to recycling.

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