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Skye O'Byrne. Founding O'Hara Commons Board Member: Secretary. Friend & Mother.

Skye's Party

Saturday, June 3rd. 4 pm - 7 pm

All Friends Invited.

Skye's family would like to invite all friends and family to a party for Skye. Beverages and main course will be provided. If you can, bring a side dish and a story about our remarkable mother, grandmother and friend. Smiles welcome, tears understood and laughter requisite. Call it a ‘Wake.’

The O'Hara Commons pays tribute to a founding board member and matriarch of our organization. Skye O'Byrne was involved with The O'Hara Commons from the nascent ideas through the germination and burgeoning growth. We owe so much to her dedication, enthusiasm and organizational integrity.

Skye will continue to influence The O'Hara Commons through a Skye O'Byrne Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Skye's obituary can be read here: Skye O'Byrne

Skye's Party had been scheduled for August 6th, 2016 but was postponed due to the Roaring Lion fire.

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