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In The Garden We have had some extremes in our weather. Hot to cool, dry to wet. Pests: Codling Moth treatment has begun. Spinosad is least toxic option. Once treatment has begun it must continue every 10 days for the greatest effectiveness. Cherry Fruit Worms are best treated once fruit begins to show color. Spinosad is the most effective, least toxic, treatment. It is very important to know that spinosad is fatal to bees and other beneficial insects, apply in the evening hours when bees are least active. Grasshoppers are out and Nosema based bait is the least toxic treatment, apply it now. Flea beetles are active, your plants need a short term boost of nitrogen (for foliar growth) and water. Diseases: Keep irrigation off foliage. Hot weather will end most disease issues soon. Mostly this time of the year is about managing weeds and proper irrigation. Toss, with love, the remainder of your starts into the ground. With water and warmth and weeding...soon enough, you will be pleasantly surprised at your harvest. Have you noticed the increase in pollinators? Our flowering plants are humming with bees and displaying butterflies with grandeur. An abundant harvest is imminent.

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