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CSA Shares Available

With a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm share you buy a season’s worth of produce from a grower of your choice. Usually you want a farm close to your daily routine since you will need to pick up your share on a designated day. Each week you will pick up a box of produce. You will not know exactly what is in your box and typically growers will give you fun recipes (especially if you have some novel item in your box). Each farm has their own set of specifics, but they make it really easy for you.

What is beautiful about this arrangement is that this relationship provides farmers with much needed capital at the beginning of the growing season. ‘Shareholders’ support local agriculture and have a personal relationship with the growers. It is a creative economic model that supports local growers and provides fresh food to homes that may not have the time or resources to grow their own food.

We have a handful of farms offering CSA shares. This list may not be complete. We have tried to include all Ravalli County farms offering CSA shares. Please let us know if we have accidently omitted any growers. There is a link to each farm’s website or contact information.

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