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Curiosity Camp's | Mother's Day Project

Well, this is a tricky post to share. We want Moms to be surprised by this beautiful creation, but we sort of

have to tell you what this Curiosity Camp entails. So, here goes.

Sign your children up for the Smashed Flower Scarf class. We will gather, prepare and smash flowers on to a silk scarf. Frankly, I have never met a child who does not revel in flower smashing. And the end result of this activity will be a most beautiful gift for Mother's Day.

We have two days to offer this activity: May 3rd & May 5th. We can accommodate 8 kids per camp day. Reserve today! There is one catch. You will have to pick up the scarves a day or two after they are created (the scarves must dry).

Curiosity Camps meet every Tuesday & Thursday, from 3:45 until 5:5 pm. The cost is $12 per child. Ages are 7-13, but we will be happy to accommodate younger children at this activity. E-mail with questions:

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