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Montana Grown Seed Potato Available Now!


Come in for your seed potatoes. We offer double certified (Virus Free & Organic) Montana grown potatoes. Montana has some of the most stringent virus regulations. And, you are supporting the organic Montana agriculture industry. We are open Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. 10 am-3 pm. Send an email if you need us to hold an order for you.


Early potato, nice potato, with great flavor and excellent storage. Very popular with growers and consumers alike. Oval tubers with finely flaked buff skin, distinctive pink eyes, and light yellow flesh. Medium upright plant with light violet flowers. Susceptible to scab. Treat soil with peat moss before planting. Mid, 100 days.


Very smooth skin, white flesh, good yielder of medium to large sized consistent tubers. Excellent boiled and in salads. Not many red skin varieties work well for frying, but this one will do the trick. Some scab resistance. Early-mid, 90 days.


Flaky texture perfect for light and fluffy baked potatoes, crispy French fries and amazing hash browns. Some resistance to scab. One of over 800 varieties created by American plant breeder Luther Burbank, who developed it at age 26 to combat the potato famine in Ireland. Idaho-type. Stores well. Mid-late, 100+ days


Truly a beautiful potato, with deep purple skin dappled with pink splashes and stripes. Bright white and creamy-good, the flesh bakes or mashes perfectly. This variety produces what we call "lunkers," large oversized potatoes, so plant close (8"-10") to control size. An acceptable substitute for Caribe as it bulks quickly, has beautiful coloring and delicious eating qualities. Scab resistant. Mid, 90 days.


With tan skin with dark yellow flesh. Matures around 85 days with respectable yields. Absolutely delectable steamed and tossed with butter and parsley or in your favorite salad. Resistant to scab.White flowers on medium spreading plant. Late, 110+ days.


Though plumper than most, this potato (also known as "Nosebag") is still considered a fingerling. Radiant rose-red skin and deep yellow flesh with an occasional red ring make this potato stand out. Creamy, smooth texture with exceptional flavor lends itself well to salad with thinly-sliced red onions and chunks of crisp cucumbers. Abundant, long, plump tubers seem to tumble out of the earth. Tall plants with red veining fill the row. Good for ’tower’ plantings. Late, 110 days

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