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Benefits of the Minimum Till Garden with Rod Daniel | Saturday, April 14th. 10AM

Put away the rototiller! Save the worms and preserve your soil health.

Rod Daniel will join us to discuss the Benefits of the Minimum Till Garden. Soil structure is vital to a plant's ability to access nutrition. It bolsters disease resistance, aeration (yes, roots need air), moisture retention and drought tolerance. Rod is a realist. He will tell you when it is acceptable to till your soils and how to execute tillage with minimal damage to your soil structure and the living microorganisms within.

In conjunction with the utilization of cover crops, green manures, and compost you can build a most vital fabric of soil life. Rod is a dynamic and enthusiastic speaker when tackling the topic. He has been practicing this methodology long enough for us to consider him a master.

Space is limited. Members $7. Non-Members $10


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