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Open House. Local People. Local Food.

Please join us this Friday at 5 PM. At The O'Hara Commons & Sustainability Center. 111 South 4th Street, Hamilton.

This event is showcasing the art and crafts of a wonderful group of local artists and craftspeople, including: Dulcie Belanger, Noah Jackson, Jen Ogden, Tom Winfree, Clover Quinn, Cliff Manley, Annie Allen, Dylan Duke, Molly Hackett, and Lisa Classen. We also have a Salmon, Idaho artist joining us: Lacey Whitehouse. You can meet some of these artists this Friday. Wonderful art and gifts for the season. Join us: 5 PM. December 4th. We are providing refreshments. And then, there is the Basque Lamb Stew. The lamb shoulder came from SweetRoot Farm. Good people, good food. We would love to see you! Oh, we have room and art supplies available for kids. Of course.

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