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Garlic Days in the Bitterroot

We had big plans. We were going to introduce you to Julie Pepper, of StonesThrow Garlic. Have a drop in day of garlic talk. Growing tips, garlic seed for sale, coffee and tea and talking with a garlic grower who relishses the relationship with garlic, soil, water and minerals.

Unforeseen circumstances, and Julie cannot join us in person. But, she had delivered some fantastically gorgeous garlic to sell and there is never a shortage of conversation about fine things like garlic when you are in the delightful mix of company at The O'Hara Commons.

Seriously, her garlic is beautiful. StonesThrow only offers the strain 'Music'. Stop in, pick up some seed garlic and any planting directions you may need will be available. Personally, I have never pondered the influence of soil minerals in the floavor and vigor of my garlic, but I am happy to have a new thread of conversation.

If you want to learn more about one of the valley's fine garlic growers:

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