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2015 After School Programs

We are delighted to announce our After School Program Schedule, through December. Go here to see the full schedule: 2015 After School Schedule We have a great line up of both Art and Nature Days.

Paper, clay, yarn, and reeds.

Folding, smushing, felting and weaving. We are so delighted to have our dear friend, Annie Allen coordinating many of our programs. We are bolstered by a group of artists who are firmly situated with an eye on nature. Oh, then there are the Wildlife in Winter Days. We will have curriculum from the Montana Natural History Center guiding us to observe nature with acute senses and profound respect for the creatures who spend the winter in our challenging environs. Check out our calendar and take note of: 'January Preview': Pen & Ink Winter Journals. Adults are welcome to join this series. Thank you for your interest and support in our endeavors. What we offering has developed out of our conversations with each of you. Please keep sharing with us your visions and ideas. We will go fun places! We will learn a lot! We will continue to build this great community that we all call home.

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