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Please join at a level that fits your ability to give. Your fees will help support memberships for families and individuals who might not otherwise be able to participate in our organization.

Family Membership

    • Discounts for our workshop series
    • 10% Discount in Garden Shop
    • Participate in group orders for seeds, potatoes, potting soil, etc.
    • Discount for Curiosity Camps
    • Access to our Reference Library
    • Participate in our Annual Meeting
    • Free advice from our staff on all gardening related matters
    • Access to public meeting room
    • Advance member notice for workshops, events, etc.

    Benefits available in the near future:

    Access to equipment in the Tool Library and Food Preservation Library

    Access to our certified Community Kitchen

    Access to our Seed Library

    Access to our Truck Share

  • All memberships good for 1 year, with the exception of lifetime memberships.

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