Keeping Our Farmers Market Open!

O’Hara Commons started our Wednesday Farmers Market in 2017. The market fulfills our mission statement and our service to the community. Connecting local people to local food, developing stable small scale food systems, strengthening local economy and regional food security, while preserving vital agricultural land. The most recent directive from Montana’s Governor caused us to review our Covid-19 Pandemic strategies. We have been working with our Public Health Department. Their assistance has been outstanding at every stage of this process, providing clarity during the changing environment and regulations. The Wednesday Farmers Market has averaged 110 people per market this season. We are o

Food Preservation: Start with safety!

Harvest time has begun. O'Hara Commons has begun to share food preservation recipes. We want you to be safe. Our recipes are nuts and bolts, all tested and meet safety standards. Rather than including canning directions or specific safety notes with each of our recipes, we are making available guides from Montana State University on all types of food preservation. You will be able to link from our recipes to the pertinent guide (canning, jams & jellies, pickling, freezing fruit and vegetables and drying fruit and vegetables). The resources are printable, or you can save to your desktop if you plan on frequent referencing. Happy Canning! It may be hot right now and you might wonder why you ar

Summertime: Ferment

Fermenting can be intimidating, if you think of it as a science. Yet, remember, almost every region around the world has a history with fermentation. Kiviak is a traditional Inuit food, sourdough dates from 3700 BCE, and how about wine? From obscure to common, fermenting traditions are everywhere. Fermenting vegetables is easy, quick and you absolutely know when something has gone off. It does not happen often. • 'Fermented Vegetables' is a great book for beginners. Nuts & Bolts. Creative recipes and a great section on fermentation fundamentals. Favorite recipe: Fermented Pepper Paste • 'The Pickled Pantry' has a terrific section dedicated to fermented pickles. Favorite recipe: Full-Sour Kos

Summertime: Can, Pickle, Freeze

If you have a crop then there is a a recipe for food preservation. Small batches are really delightful. They require less time, less ingredients and allow you to put up a delightful diversity of batches. For example, rhubarb. In small batches, you can put up Rhubarb & Strawberry Jam, Rhubarb Syrup, Rhubarb Chutney, Roasted Rhubarb, Sparkling Rhubarb Jelly. Then comes winter. You can revisit summertime in so many delightful ways! These five titles are diverse, but all feature small batch vegetable preservation. With small batches, you maintain your sanity and can have a great diversity of food in jars and your freezer. Favorite recipes: • 'Put 'Em Up': Fennel and Onion Jam • 'Put 'Em Up Fruit

Summertime: Cook!

We are entering the height of Montana's harvest season. And it is busy, it can be 9 PM before we think of dinner. These cookbooks have been favorites for many years. Quick, simple meals. And a multitude of recipes to keep meals different and interesting, even if you are using the same crops day after day! Cookbook Recommendations: Cookbooks arranged by crop are useful. For example, if you have a bushel of green beans and run out of ideas, then go to 'Recipes (and More Recipes) From a Kitchen Garden' by Renee Shepherd and Fran Raboff. Also, Barbara Kafka's 'Vegetable Love' is amazing. This book is arranged by regions of the world (the vegetable's origin place). Danger: you may find yourself r

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