Arugula Harissa

Harissa is a traditional fiery hot red sauce or paste used in Northern African cuisine. It is used as a seasoning for dishes like hummus, mixed into soups or as a spread. With the seasonal abundance of arugula, the search began for creative uses for this spicy, nutty green that fills our gardens, CSA boxes, vendor tables at market and shelves of our favorite farm stands. This is a delightful base recipe that can be altered and played with to meet your current harvest. Make it thicker to use as a spread (think grilled pita bread), or thinner to use as a drizzle (grilled romaine), or in between to toss with stale bread to make the most delicious Panzanella or for a very different spin on potat

Radish Relish

Spring is coming to an end and many of us are up to our ears in radishes. They are delicious, healthy, easy to over seed and they all come on at once. Whether you have a pile from your garden, a bag in your CSA box or have compulsively purchased a stack while at Farmers Market, too many of one thing can be daunting. Here is a delicious solution: Radish Relish. Make it once, and then get creative modifying the recipe. 2 T lime juice 2 T rice wine vinegar 3 T olive oil 1 t Bee Happy Wildflower Honey 1 small bunch of radishes 1 small red onion 2 t House of Ferments Pepper Sauce Salt + Pepper to taste One bowl large enough to fit all the ingredients Combine lime juice and rice wine vinegar in th

Barefoot Scavenger Hunt. Game Play

Barefoot Season! The quintessential summer experience, barefooted adventures. At home, in the garden, on a walk, in the woods, by the lake or on a mountain. Each week we will post a challenge. Any one of three categories (ie yellow flower, blue bird or dragonfly). You take photos and post to Instagram and tag @oharacommons. You can take as many photos as you like, but duplicate species will be counted as one. One extra point will be awarded to photos with a barefoot. Free the toes! Weekly, we will announce a winner. Winner can choose between a $10 certificate to be redeemed at O’Hara’s Wednesday Farmers Market or garden seed from our Seed Library (this is good for out-of-towners, we will sen

Volunteer: Gleaning

O'Hara Commons Gleaning Program has begun to receive calls from people who have an excess of fresh produce that they do not want to waste. Currently, we are looking for volunteers to sign up to help us pick up produce and deliver it to The O'Hara Commons. The current need is for once or twice a week, Monday and/or Thursday. If you have time and availability then email us Here

Early June

We shift our gardening tasks to: • filling in all of the holes in our garden beds (do not overcrowd your plants, they need room to grow) • watering & weeding • watching for pest and disease Apples, one of the Bitterroot's most iconic crops, are susceptible to codling moth. Treating for this pest is tricky, the time to treat the pest is directly connected to environmental conditions and is different every year. There can be multiple generations of codling moth and short windows of time to treat each generation. Ravalli County Extension office offers a great service. You can register to receive a 'robocall' announcement of codling moth treatment time. I talked with Extension Agent Patrick Mang

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