Wednesday Farmers Market: Meet the Vendors

This year's Wednesday Farmers Market will look a little different. We have many returning vendors and some new vendors joining us: Welcome to Fifth Season Montana/Double K Ranch and Piney Mountain Herbals. Click on the logos below and you will be led to the vendor's website or Facebook page. Learn more about their farms, production, business practices and offerings. We are happy to have a line up of dedicated producers who are also dedicated localvores. See you soon!

Rescue, Raise & Release. Help the Monarchs

This is O'Hara Commons' fifth year in growing Monarch Butterfly awareness in the Bitterroot Valley. We have been learning, recording and sharing information in our youth and outreach programs. We started 'The Monarch Project: Rescue, Raise & Release' in 2016 and during the past 5 Years the status of the western Monarch butterfly population has plummeted. There are many presumed reasons for their decline, but most agree that loss of habitat is a leading concern. Monarch butterflies will only lay eggs on the native plant of milkweed, a roadside plant that is cut and sprayed at critical times of egg laying and caterpillar development. It is estimated that one in ten Monarch eggs will survive to

Seedling/Plant Exchange

This little greenhouse has seen a lot. On Saturday it will be serving a new role. A revolving, on-going plant exchange. Need a plant, take one. Have a plant to share, leave one. There will be an outdoor table for the cool season starts and all warm season crops will be placed in the greenhouse. We ask that if you are dropping off plants, please label them with a water proof label. We will water and care for plants as they arrive. O'Hara will prime the plant collection. On Saturday there will be onion starts, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and maybe some cabbage. Thanks, Little Greenhouse!

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