A Garlic Compendium

This is an exceptional opportunity for both new and seasoned garlic growers. Leon Stangl, of Yourganic Farm, will offer a comprehensive talk for those interested in the most successful garlic growing practices for our region. Topics: Garlic types: hard necked or soft necked and recommended varieties. Soil: types, preparation and conditions. This will include a demonstration on assessing your soil. Fall planting: Planting, watering, mulch, etc Spring/Summer Care: Soil moisture (vital at seed development), mulch management and appropriate foliar feeds/nutrition. More: Scape clipping, harvesting, bundling, grooming, storage and seed selection for replanting. A compendium! From start to finish

The Art of Late Summer Watering

THE ART OF LATE SUMMER WATERING IN THE EDIBLE LANDSCAPE In general, it is time to start slowly decreasing water to woody shrubs and ornamentals as their growth is beginning to slow as they prepare for fall and winter. There is an exception to every rule in this instance it is fruit trees. Keep fruit trees well watered until the harvest is complete, then cut back on irrigation. Remove fallen apples off the ground as this will help reduce the numbers of codling moths for next year. There is no reason to spray for pests at this point of the season. In vegetable gardens, start to decrease irrigation water on tomatoes, winter squash, potatoes, peppers and onions to encourage ripening and drying f

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