In The Late July Garden

Mostly it is about GARLIC! It is time to harvest garlic, for most gardeners in our region. Your garlic is ready to harvest once the bottom leaves are brown, with 4 to 5 green leaves remaining at the top. Harvest in the early morning or early evening. Garlic is very tender upon removal from the ground and will easily sun burn. If you intend to store your garlic over winter then it is important to properly cure the bulbs. Bundle plants in groups of five to ten plants and hang out of direct sunlight and where there is good air circulation. To fully cure your garlic, leave it hanging for 3 to 4 weeks. Make sure the outer wrappers of the garlic are dry and papery, the neck should be dry 1/2 inch

Beet Recipes

Updated, July 12, 2017 The following post was from our winter Lunch Time Learning Series. July is the time of year that the beet harvest begins! Enjoy the following recipes. January is a fine time to investigate the root crops in cold storage or your root cellar. The longevity of storage is based upon many factors: the quality of the crops upon harvest, the variety grown, the temperature and humidity of your storage facility and simply time. Some crops simply last longer than others. Even if you do not have root crops in storage that need to be used, they are readily available at your local grocers this time of year. The following are tested, tried and true recipes for beets. So, head to you

Food for Life Cooking Classses

O'Hara is happy to be hosting Ginette Gundlach as she offers Food for Life cooking classes. There is limited space, sign up with Ginette. Information below:

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