Monarch Butterflies

We started a project back on June 10th. A local Monarch enthusiast, Mary B., came to The O'Hara Commons to show us how to look for monarch butterfly eggs on our resident milkweed. Certainly, we thought, we do not have enough milkweed to attract monarchs. Wrong. We had eggs. Without even seeing the butterflies themselves. So we collected butterfly eggs. Just off of the milkweed in high traffic areas and where we had to mow. Then we came to foster some caterpillars. In total, we have been tending to 15 monarchs. And, as the caterpillar grows, it eats a lot. We had plenty of leaves to feed them. They pooped a lot, so there was some terrarium clean up too. First the egg, then the tiny caterpilla

Ravalli County Fair Entry Talk

The Green Thumbs Up gardening group will meet on Monday, July 11th in the Community Meeting Room of the Bitterroot Public Library. Beginning at 2:00 p.m., Nina Eadie and Samantha O’Byrne will discuss the proper preparation and presentation of entries to the Ravalli County Fair, with Nina concentrating on floral entries and Samantha providing tips on the submission of vegetables and other produce. Helen Allen will be on hand also to answer questions about the Dahlia and Glad Show which is part of the Fair. The meeting is open to the public.

Pea Pod Soup

I came across a version of this recipe years ago. It spoke to me as I had just discovered Petit Pois shelling peas (that is another story), and I was having a hard time just composting all of the pods upon shelling. So, with a little research I fell upon this divine soup. It has 5 ingredients. You can make it in stages. Freeze your pea pods until you have enough or are ready to use them. Or, you can make the base and freeze that until you are ready to use. This recipe is so basic and can serve as a spring board for the creative chef! About 1 pound of pea pods, discard strings and the tops of the shell. 6 cups of your preferred stock (or use whey from cheesemaking) Bring stock to boil, add po

Lunch Time Learning | Refreshing & Nutritious Beverages

Lunch Time Learning has moved to Fridays. We are still meeting at Noon and our program will last one hour. This month's theme is Refreshing & Nutritious Beverages. August will be dedicated to The Harvest. Each Friday will be dedicated to one vegetable and methods to prepare and preserve that crop.

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