First Week of Summer

In The Garden First Week of Summer Soils have warmed and it is time to think about mulching your vegetable garden beds. If your soil fertility is on the low side then apply compost or a natural balanced fertilizer before mulching. It is an especially important time to keep your garlic watered and the root zone cool as the bulbs are forming. Mulch can be anything from leaf compost (fully decomposed leaves), to straw (herbicide free) to even the humble pine needle. You will be placing mulch on the soil surface, do not cultivate it into the soil. Mulch not only helps with moisture retention and temperature regulation, it is also great to suppress weeds and minimizes water splash onto foliage, w

Plant Puppetry: Storytelling Through Nature

The O’Hara Commons is delighted to be hosting two visiting theatre educators: Peggy Mecham and Alexandra Mosoeanu. Peggy and Alexandra will be the educators and coordinators for Curiosity Camps during the first half of August. We will have four days of puppetry and storytelling through nature. Each session will include making puppets (finger puppets, masks, shadow puppets and marionettes) and developing story lines based on themes found in nature. We will build a stage and the camp will culminate in participating children performing a play. Two weeks Tuesdays & Thursdays: August 2nd, 4th, 9th, & 11th 10 AM until 12:30 PM Ages 6 to 13 Limited space Reserve today: $60

A Big 'Thank You' to Huls Dairy

We are profoundly grateful to Huls Dairy. They most graciously donated a beautifully healthy soil mix for the raised beds in the Children's Organic Garden. We have built our raised beds and now they are full and ready to plant. This project has been a year in the making. One year ago, McNeill's Tree Service donated the wood chips required to mulch the garden. More recently, Montana Idaho Log & Timber donated the slab wood for our raised beds, which were assembled by our industrious Board of Directors. Most recently, we have filled those beds with a premium soil mix from our friends at Huls Dairy. Thank you to each and every one of the community members and businesses who have helped to build

In The Garden

In The Garden We have had some extremes in our weather. Hot to cool, dry to wet. Pests: Codling Moth treatment has begun. Spinosad is least toxic option. Once treatment has begun it must continue every 10 days for the greatest effectiveness. Cherry Fruit Worms are best treated once fruit begins to show color. Spinosad is the most effective, least toxic, treatment. It is very important to know that spinosad is fatal to bees and other beneficial insects, apply in the evening hours when bees are least active. Grasshoppers are out and Nosema based bait is the least toxic treatment, apply it now. Flea beetles are active, your plants need a short term boost of nitrogen (for foliar growth) and wa

Garden Party & Open House

Saturday, June 18 | 11 am - 3 pm At The O'Hara Commons & Sustainability Center | 111 South Fourth St, Hamilton Lawn Games & Refreshments Come see the progress on our Kid's Organic Garden Enroll Kids in Curiosity Camps Summer Programs Learn about our Seed Library Tour the Grounds Get free Gardening Advice Enter Drawing for Great Prizes Sign up for Membership We look forward to visiting with You. Celebrating Father's Day. Welcoming Summer. Need more information?

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