Planting Seed Potato

Seed potato the size of a hen's egg may be planted whole. Larger potatoes should be cut. Use a clean, sharp knife each piece should have 2 strong eyes and plenty of flesh around those eyes. The plant will utilize this stored food during the first 2 or 3 weeks of growth. The more eyes then the greater your yield. You may be plant immediately after cutting if you have good control of soil moisture (not too wet for a long period of time) or you may dry the pieces in a cool and dark location. There are many rules of thumb about planting time. The tradition of planting on Good Friday did not originate in the northern regions. That is a little early. Some will plant when the dandelions are in bloo

Seed Exchange

We are happy to announce a Seed Exchange. Thursday, April 28th, Noon till 1 pm and Saturday, April 30th, Noon till 2 pm. Sort through your seed packets. Any extra packets, half used or full, could be a treasure to another gardener. You are welcome to bring your own saved seed as well, all that we ask is for you to label varieties. We will swap seeds with one another, increasing the diversity of our own gardens, sharing experiences about growing novelty or unfamiliar crops. In conjunction with the Seed Exchange, you will have an opportunity to learn about The O'Hara Commons Seed Library. Members of the Seed Library Committee will be on hand to introduce you to the library, seed saving and sha

Curiosity Camp's | Mother's Day Project

Well, this is a tricky post to share. We want Moms to be surprised by this beautiful creation, but we sort of have to tell you what this Curiosity Camp entails. So, here goes. Sign your children up for the Smashed Flower Scarf class. We will gather, prepare and smash flowers on to a silk scarf. Frankly, I have never met a child who does not revel in flower smashing. And the end result of this activity will be a most beautiful gift for Mother's Day. We have two days to offer this activity: May 3rd & May 5th. We can accommodate 8 kids per camp day. Reserve today! There is one catch. You will have to pick up the scarves a day or two after they are created (the scarves must dry). Curiosity Camps

Community Garden Plots

We have received information recently from two of our local Community Gardens. The Daly Elementary School Community Garden (contact Warren at 546-6706) and the The Victor Community Garden (contact Jill at 642-3601) are open for registration. Each Community Garden offers both larger and smaller plots and provide soil amendments, irrigation and tools to gardeners. This is your answer if you have been wondering where you can go to grow vegetables, herbs or berries. And, if you have time and interest you can always get involved in growing production rows for local food bank donations. If you know of other gardening opportunities then contact us, we will pass your information along!

Montana Grown Seed Potato Available Now!

2016 POTATO VARIETIES Come in for your seed potatoes. We offer double certified (Virus Free & Organic) Montana grown potatoes. Montana has some of the most stringent virus regulations. And, you are supporting the organic Montana agriculture industry. We are open Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. 10 am-3 pm. Send an email if you need us to hold an order for you. YUKON GOLD Early potato, nice potato, with great flavor and excellent storage. Very popular with growers and consumers alike. Oval tubers with finely flaked buff skin, distinctive pink eyes, and light yellow flesh. Medium upright plant with light violet flowers. Susceptible to scab. Treat soil with peat moss before

In the Garden | Week of April 11th

The soil is so dry right now. If you feel like you are behind on some of your sowing tasks then take comfort. It appears that rain is due in this week and hopefully the soils will get a deep soak and be ready for sowing next weekend. If you have starts to transplant out into the garden then make sure that you harden them off properly this week. Their cell structure needs gradual exposure to wind, sun, and cold night temperatures. It is time to direct seed: onions, peas, fava beans, lettuce, chard, kale, carrots, radish, beet, turnip, kohlrabi and parsnips.These also represent the plant starts that you can feel safe transplanting into the garden. It is also a fine time to divide rhubarb. Not

Native Plants for Native Pollinators

Lunch Time Learning hour will be dedicated to an interactive conversation about our native pollinators and the importance of native plants in conservation efforts for pollinator habitat. Robin Taylor, Botanist with the Bitterroot Forest will lead this talk. Come learn why native plants are so important and planting schemes to utilize in your pollinator gardens. Bring a brown bag lunch and we will provide a big green salad. 111 South 4th Street, Hamilton Noon til 1 PM for more information

Nature Journaling Group

“whereas a diary or personal journal records your feelings toward yourself and others, a nature journal primarily records your responses to and reflections about the world of nature around you.” Clare Leslie Walker Do you nature journal or have an interest in nature journaling, do you want to meet as a group and learn to combine observation skills with writing, visual art, and science while being in nature? Then this might be a great group for you to join. We will share among ourselves the art of observation and the skills to translate our observations into drawing, painting, and creative writing. We will next meet August 28th, Sunday. 9 AM. At: 111 South 4th Street, Hamilton. Email: oharac

Growing Carrots for Seed

Rod Daniel, who has farmed in the valley for over 20 years, will spend one hour with us during Lunch Time Learning Series discussing growing carrots for seed. This will include variety choices, cultivation and selection. Carrots are a biennial so the process takes two years. Start learning now! Bring your brown bag lunch, we will provide Carrot Salad! Noon until 1 PM, at The O'Hara Commons & Sustainability Center. 111 South 4th Street, Hamilton. Email: for more information.

Fresh Flowers

Once a week we are receiving the most stunning, and remarkably fresh arrangements from local grower, Amelia Amish. Amelia has been developing her fresh cut flower business and expanding her offerings over the past few years. Her season has begun with the most stunning arrangements of breath taking jewels of flowers. Right now there are ranunculus, snowflakes, an array of specialty tulips and happy daffodils. Amelia will be dropping off arrangements weekly, so you can rely on a fresh bundle of happiness every week. For your desk, your kitchen table or special events. I cannot wait for her remarkable New Millennium Delphiniums in a couple of months!

Bitterroot Riparian Habitat

Heather Barber from the Bitter Root Water Forum will present on the importance of riparian areas for our next Lunch Time Learning installment, Tuesday, April 5th. Noon. You bring your lunch, we will provide beverages. What do birds, fish, and clean water have in common? Aside from being part of what makes Montana special, they all depend on healthy riparian areas! Heather will talk more about what makes for a healthy riparian area, the Bitter Root Water Forum's role in enhancing and restoring riparian areas, and how community members can get directly involved in stream health and quality wildlife habitat.

SweetRoot Farm CSA Raffle

The O'Hara Commons & Sustainability Center is excited to be raffling a CSA as a spring fundraiser! You could win a full season of locally grown, organic produce from SweetRoot Farm in Hamilton. All the proceeds from the raffle will support The O'Hara Commons & Sustainability Center.

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